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soundlounge – the music agency for complete sound branding: music research, music licensing, music composition, music production, consumer & music analysis. At soundlounge we are totally independent. This means we are not aligned to any: advertising agency, music publisher, record company, music production company or composers. This is your guarantee that we always provide the best sound advice, talent and insights with total transparency and objectivity. For nearly 3 decades, soundlounge has been enabling brands and agencies to consistently generate powerful creative music ideas that engage target customers in more inspirational ways.

We make every attempt to verify all information that is posted on soundlounge.wordpress.com however, inaccuracies do occur. Soundlounge.co.uk and our associated blog pages are not responsible in any way for damages resulting from content posted on our site.

Content provided on soundlounge.wordpress.com is intended for archival and promotional purposes only. If you are the owner of a copyright that you feel is being infringed upon please contact us. We will promptly remove any copyrighted material that has not been cleared by the author.

Feedback, suggestions and all other correspondence should be directed to ben@soundlounge.co.uk

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