Posted by: soundlounge | April 28, 2009

Music Moves London Marathon Runners


Last month, the soundlounge blog  investigated the most popular songs that fitness enthusiasts listen to while training. From the Rocky theme tune to We Are The Champions, it seems everyone has a track that helps them to stay motivated. This year’s London Marathon saw 35,000 brave runners take to the streets of the capital, many of them sporting mp3 players to help push through the dreaded ‘wall’. Among the participants were a number of famous faces, some of whom are musicians themselves, including Ronan Keating and Keith Duffy from Boyzone, and pop singer Peter Andre.

With the heroes of the London marathon still recovering from their 26 mile battle, soundlounge ask what songs made them keep on running?

According to EMR

–    77 per cent of those who trained for the London Marathon would have trained to music – the equivalent of 26,950 runners

–    88 per cent of them would have needed music to lift their spirits – the equivalent of 30,800 runners

If you were a runner in this year’s London Marathon why not share what tunes kept you going…

So we were wondering…
1. What songs do you have on your iPod for training?
2. What song do you play over and over when the going gets tough?
3. There were 60 bands on route – which do you remember and where?

Looking forward to hearing your answers…

Top London Marathon 2009 stats …

– This year was the event’s 28th anniversary
– 26 miles and 385 yards is the full length of the route
– 6,000 volunteers helped out on the day
– 6500 marshals kept the crowds and runners safe
– 750,000 bottle of water are drunk by participants
– 82 pubs were located on the marathon route
– 1250 toilets were available on the day
– 60 bands played en route
– 1500 St Johns Ambulance workers were on call
– 2,500 ‘helping hands’ were available
– 35,000 competitors raced
– £46 million is expected to be raised for charity


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